Trampoline Tricks for Beginners and Advanced Jumpers

Playing around on the trampoline can be a great source of exercise. In fact, many people use their trampoline to lose weight by getting in a short workout that’s very effective. Trampoline tricks for beginners can add some fun to your workout or keep your kids entertained during outdoor time. These easy to do, safe tricks can be fun for the whole family.

Practicing Front Flips

A front flip is a pretty basic trick that you can safely execute, even if you don’t have any experience with gymnastics. To do, the knees should be tucked to the chest. This will help you to rotate better and also allows you to land on your feet.


Backflips are considered much more advanced compared to front flips. This is because the jumper won’t be able to spot their landing until they’re about halfway into the flip. You’ll use the same basic movements that you did for the front flip to do a backflip. Start jumping and go for height, gaining momentum, then throw your body back and keep the knees tucked to your chest. Just like with front flips, a backflip will take some practice. Try not to get discouraged if you can’t land on your feet at first.

Advanced Backflip

Once you’re comfortable doing backflips, try doing one without your hands. It’s basically the same process, but your hands will never touch the surface of the trampoline. Jump as high as you can before you flip, in order to gain enough height. Throw your body and head backward.

Cartwheels and Aerials

Aerials are basically just cartwheels, except you won’t use your hands. In the world of gymnastics, cartwheels are as basic as it gets. You can do a cartwheel by placing your arms above your hard and stepping out with your lead foot. The entire body should be bent downward, placing the palms of your hands on the trampoline’s surface. Next, flip the leading foot and your other foot over your body to land. With an aerial, you’ll begin by jumping to gain height. You’ll then follow the same procedure as a basic cartwheel, except you’ll keep your hands placed close to your body. You’ll most likely land on your knees instead of your feet while you’re learning, but with enough practice, you should be able to easily get this move down in no time.

Tuck Jumps

This type of jump is very simple, however, if you ever want to become a total jumping master you’ve got to learn how to get this move down first. After you’ve jumped as high as you can on the trampoline, simply bring your knees up toward your chest, holding them tightly in the air, releasing them upon landing.

Side Flip

This move can be a little tricky compared to backflips. Don’t attempt this flip until you’ve mastered both front and backflips. Like with other types of trampoline tricks, you’ll want to get some good air before you execute this move. Next, tuck your legs and flip to the right or left side.

Back Drops

This move is pretty simple. Similar to a trust fall, to do a back drop, simply fall straight backward. The highly responsive surface of the trampoline should cause you to shoot right back into an upright position

Knee Drops

A fun and easy trick you can try, the knee drop can be a great starting point for kids. Jump as high as you can and land on your knees instead of your feet.


Doing a basic spin on a trampoline isn’t difficult, but the trick here is to carry out multiple spins. Executing a single spin in the air is simple enough but spinning three or more times with a single jump will take a lot of practice.


Handsprings are tricky to perform and essentially turns a jump into a spin. When you jump try landing with your hands placed on the trampoline’s surface. As soon as your hands touch the trampoline try arching your back. This move will definitely impress your friends.

Pike Jump

When you’re doing a pike jump, you’ll need to jump very high. When jumping, bring your legs out in front of you, with your hands positioned straight up. In the air, try touching your toes.

Front Pullover

The front pullover is considered a complicated trick, so if you’re able to successfully pull it off then you’ll be considered a trampoline master. This move is basically doing a front flip and landing flat on your back. The bouncy surface of the trampoline will cause you to do another flip.

Back Pullover

A trick that’s even more difficult to pull off than the front pullover, the back pullover is an advanced trick that we don’t recommend for beginners. Begin by jumping on the trampoline, with the goal of landing on your back. The momentum will push you into doing a backflip, finally causing you to spring back up. If you want to give this trick a shot, make sure you’ve at least mastered the front pullover first.

Simple Twists

When you’re high in the air, try twisting your body so that it causes you to face a different direction each time you land. This move is referred to as the half twist. As you keep working at it, try twisting your body so that you end up facing the same direction that you started in, in order to do a full twist.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of these tricks are pretty basic, even some of the advanced moves won’t take long to learn. Remember, if you’re jumping around on the trampoline and practicing these moves, make sure no one else is jumping with you, otherwise you can end up colliding with the other jumper. This is especially important for beginners who don’t quite have the hang of their body movements on a trampoline

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