Skywalker Trampoline Review-Best Safety Features

Skywalker always comes up with cool new trampoline designs that are perfect for any type of backyard. But more importantly, they’re often at the top of their class when it comes to the best trampolines that are built solid and safe. Their latest model offers a variety of color options, the patented Skywalker safety enclosure, and a jumping surface made from slip-resistant materials.

  •  This Skywalker trampoline is oval shaped and features a seventeen-foot jumping surface, with net enclosure for added safety.
  •  The frame features six W-shaped legs and is made from sixteen-gauge galvanized steel, which is joined together with a T-joint stabilizer.
  •  The ninety-six steel springs are tapered for a higher bounce and extra stability.

The springs are also rust-resistant. The mat is made from UV protected polypropylene, for extra protection against fading and wear. The Stay-Put safety enclosure features an interlocking button-hole design that connects the enclosure directly to the jumping surface, which works to create a gap-free safety design. The U-shaped enclosure poles also provide added protection and sturdiness.

The padding is available in four color options including blue, green, red, and purple. The price will vary depending on which color option you choose.


The trampoline’s frame is reinforced to provide much-needed extra support for rough use, so the rowdiest kids won’t damage it when playing games. Because the enclosure is well-supported externally and gapless, the risk of injury due to bumping into the enclosure poles is significantly reduced.

This model comes with a one-year product warranty on the frame and a three-month warranty on all other parts. The huge jumping surface will accommodate multiple users at the same time.

The trampoline’s oval design helps to accommodate multiple jumpers, while still working to save space in smaller backyards.

In terms of weight capacity, this model comes in at just two hundred pounds, which seems pretty low considering the high price tag. The Super Jumper trampoline features a slightly smaller jumping surface, but it’s available at a much lower price and offers a higher weight capacity than this Skywalker model.


Like many large trampolines, this model is not recommended for users under the age of six.

This trampoline is very light. While the minimal weight makes it easy to move this model from place to place, it does make it vulnerable to windy weather. Because of this, we recommend purchasing an anchoring kit.

Many parents felt that the assembly process was very complicated, requiring a minimum of three hours to complete. Because there are so many parts, we recommend laying out the frame to ensure you assemble it correctly.

The lower weight capacity of two hundred pounds does not make this a good option for older teens or parents.

For the price, we feel that Skywalker should have included a detachable ladder or anchoring set.

Skywalker Trampoline Conclusion and Rating
  •  This is a trampoline that’s designed to last forever and so are the frame and the springs.
  •  From the slip-resistant surface, to the innovative net enclosure design, it’s obvious that Skywalker took the time to create a trampoline that can easily handle rough play and heavy use.
  •  Obviously, one of the trampoline’s best features is its shape, which allows multiple users to jump at the same time without the worry of drifting into another jumper’s space.
  •  Skywalker is simply a company that continues to challenge the competition by producing innovative trampoline designs that blow other models out of the water.

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